Visual Experience Creation

From concept to rendering and realtime solutions​

Visual content made to measure and at scale

We perfect every visualization technique – from offline rendering for high-end images to flexible real-time rendering for digital marketing. And we build custom solutions that combine both.

We think in solutions​

Visual Experience Creation is always an individual process. It clarifies the content requirements and the fundamental question of technology: Is offline or real-time rendering the more efficient and sustainable on the long run? Hybrid solutions are also possible. In addition, we clarify whether there should be classic postproduction or automated image processing for the assets. Our criteria are always cost efficiency and reusability.

Offline Rendering​

The images are rendered ready before application. The raw data (exposure, camera settings, textures etc.) is used to calculate the image, which can be as accurate as desired.

Realtime Rendering​

The technology of game engines such as Unreal and Unity is used to create images only at the moment of viewing. This creates dynamic live images and videos that open up an infinite cariety of marketing possibilites.

Hybrid Lösung​

A combination of offline and real-time rendering: All image layers are created in advance and combined into layer stack. A compositing engine delivers the layers in real time at the moment of application.

Personal address
means modular content​

Cloud-based global marketing engines assemble high-quality assets on demand and distribute them to the right addressee. That’s the idea of dynamic, modular content – the basis for 1:1 communication. ​

From a technical perspective, this means that we always produce the smallest usable component (module) in order to provide all content in a personalized, country- and channel-specific form.

Dynamic Modular Content marks the beginning of the era of 1:1 communication with customers.
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