Digital Foundation

Data collection, preparation and management

The basis for digital success

It all starts with the creation of the Data Model – the complete collection and proper preparation of product data. This is the basis for efficient digital marketing and other applications along the entire value chain, both internal and external.

One model for everything​

We create the optimized Data Model out of CAD data or its preparation for visualization processes. This Data Model enables a market-specific representation of product variants – including all material and color information, equipment features and corresponding pricing. Thus, The Data Model becomes the source for individualized brand and product communication in all areas of sales, marketing and PR.

Mackevision Datahub:
the efficiency machine

As the solution for higher quality, efficiency and simplified image management, the Datahub is based on the entire know-how of our use cases and is the central gateway for image data. With the Datahub, we implement the best solution. And use synergies from established processes to do so.

The Data Model: Source for individual brand and product communication in all channels along the entire value chain.

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