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From its design to its update, a product today can be changed any time. It can be tested, expanded, reproduced and take on ever new forms in different channels. From the developer model to advertisement. The only prerequisite: the product exists as a set of data. With this digital mirror image of products, the transformation of companies begins: Processes become simpler and faster, scaling effects can be used in a better way. For these purposes, we are the ideal companion. Our path is called Dynamic Visual Content Solutions (DVCS).

Digital production changes everything – 3 findings​

Real products become 1:1 digital

Perfect visualization is only one part of the digital story. Many added values lie in the complete virtualization of a product. Virtualization facilitates the development and testing of complex product lines. It acts as the basis for completely new production logics in marketing, sales and within the entire company.

Campaigns become real-time dialogs

Successful marketing puts the user in the center. To be relevant, offers must correspond to their lives and reflect their needs exactly. This cannot be achieved with rigid campaigns. It is only possible in a personal dialog with respective offers.

Success is made from data

Product data that enables a personalized offer is increasingly supplemented by customer data. The effect: every user can be automatically presented with the right thing at every touchpoint. This is a recipe for success that is technically complex, but pays off very quickly thanks to the volume of customers reached.

Welcome to the next level

The Power of Images

Truly outstanding visual impressions require specialists. This applies to both, their creation and their distribution. The deciding factor is the balance between cost and benefit. Finding this balance is our business - for retail, industry and large film productions.

Dynamic Visual Content Solutions

We unlock the full potential of digital visualization for companies in all industries. We call this offering Dynamic Visual Content Solutions (DVCS). A modular approach that always starts with the Data Model of a product and covers every application: from design to maintenance and content publishing. We optimize all processes individually with the accompanying CGI Consultancy.

More efficient processes, fewer sources of error, lower costs due to zero redundancies – these are the major advantages of DVCS.

Next Generation Production

From classic production processes to data based visualization.

Full-fledged Virtualization​

Simulation of the product portfolio along the entire value chain.

Channel Consistency

Establishing global processes for all channels in highest image quality.

Data Model as Single Source of Truth
All applications use the same data source and are therefore automatically up to date.
Automated processes
Content creation becomes extremely efficient as all processes can be fully automated for all markets.
Serving the entire value chain
From the virtual design of the product to the personalized banner, DVCS reaches all touchpoints.
This is our offer: Dynamic Visual Content Solutions (DVCS)
These are the building blocks
of our offering:
How DVCS pays off​

More and more touchpoints lead to more and more content. As Mackevision, we make a significant contribution to more clarity, control and first-class quality – despite the massively increasing amount of digital assets. We make complexity easily controllable, release synergies and reduce scattering losses in marketing.​


Data Model as the basis for product correctness in all applications along the value chain.


Easy updatability of digital assets through strict data continuity from CAD to advertising content.


All visual content comes in any format, always dynamically customizable and consistently produced from one source.

From data to fascinating experiences
Industry Offerings

More and more technical possibilities and ever more rapidly changing user needs, pose challenges for every industry today. The growing number of digital assets alone brings enormous complexity. By creating a central Data Model, we enable the digital staging of real products along the entire value chain. Thus, we are able to provide the decisive impetus for the digital transformation of the entire company.​ Learn more about our Industry Solutions for Retail, Automotive and Industry X.​

Digital Twins
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Data models for the automotive industry

How we use the Data Model to create immersive digital experiences and turn customers into fans.

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Industry X: Unlocking the power of data

How we make entire companies fit for all digital requirements with just one data source.

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