17. October 2018
Mackevision at Dragon Days 2018

The 7th Dragon Days take place from Oct 16 to Oct 21, 2018 in Stuttgart. Part of the festival is “Unseen Westeros”, an exhibition that shows motifs from the prehistory of Game of Thrones – partly created by the artists of Mackevision. Additionally, VFX expert Christian Zilliken will give insights into our work on Game of Thrones in his keynote.

From 16th to 21st October, the 7th Dragon Days take place in Stuttgart. The exhibition “Unseen Westeros” is part of the fantasy festival and shows motifs from the prehistory of the fantasy epic Game of Thrones – among others created by the artists at Mackevision.

On this occasion, the SWR TV magazine “Kunscht!” visited the Mackevision headquarters in Stuttgart and interviewed Marco Wilz, matte painting artist and exhibitor at “Unseen Westeros”. As part of his work at Mackevision, he’s been working on the series “Game of Thrones” from the second season through to the current seventh, creating many of the castles and sites you can see in the show.

Matte Painters provide the epochal, historical or even fantastical touch on screen by incorporating castles, rivers or entire villages into the original pictures. At the exhibition “Unseen Westeros” it is thoroughly shown how detailed and imaginative these digital works of art are, which can only be seen briefly in the series.

Triggered by George R. Martin’s book “Westeros”, a history book on the Game Of Thrones world, 40 artists from all over the world came together to make places visible that had never been seen before. Stuttgart offers a small world premiere with six large-format pictures that show new perspectives from “Harrenhall” or “Storm´s End”. A larger exhibition version is being planned for next January in Berlin. The artists are currently trying to raise money for the exhibition with a crowdfunding campaign. If you want to find out more about the campaign, please click here.


Tune in on 18/10/2018 at 10:45 pm on SWR to watch Marco Wilz’s interview regarding his work for the exhibition “Unseen Westeros”.

If you want to visit the exhibition, “Unseen Westeros” is part of the “Dragon Days” which take place in “Das Gutbrod” (Hahn-Hochhaus) in Stuttgart, from 16th to 21st October 2018. For more information, click here.

There, on Saturday, 20.10. at 12:00 pm, Christian Zilliken, VFX Supervisor at Mackevision, will hold a keynote on “Creating the world of Westeros” and talk about his work on Game of Thrones. Click here for more information.


When and where? (Keynote, Christian Zilliken)
Saturday, 20. October 2018 | 12:00 – 01:30 pm CEST | Metropol 2 | Stuttgart, Germany

For more information about the event:

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