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We create real connections throughout the product life cycle

Providing the creative freedom for the next level of innovation that will generate a real competitive edge often remains wishful thinking. A successful and cutting-edge market launch calls for seamless communication between all parts of the company, from engineering and design all the way to production, marketing and aftersales.

As digitalization continues to advance, it not only lets you roll out new solutions, but also boosts connectivity within your company, opening the door to efficient processes, minimization of errors and quality control. We help you organize, develop and manage your products and services.

For every stage of product development and the product life cycle, we produce fitting visual and digital content, delivering the right information to the right place at the right time.

We provide you with new digital business models and technological expertise from a single source.

Digital Life Cycle Management

Consistently connecting all relevant divisions from idea to market.

Our experts apply innovative visual technologies to support your complex design and engineering processes. As we create our products and solutions, we focus on providing premium quality as well as on building relationships of trust between our experts and your teams at all levels – empowering you to implement projects efficiently for lasting success.

Our portfolio
Visualization Data Management

We cover all the processes you require, from data preparation to visualization. This way we can guarantee reproducible quality for all your media productions worldwide.

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Real-time Solutions

Virtual reality technologies make design and engineering processes significantly more efficient and productive. Plus they let people interact with prototypes. During the early design and engineering phase in particular, solutions like this can boost productivity and have a huge positive impact on the bottom line.

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CGI Consulting

With our consulting and support services, we create a premium visualization solution for your company that meets all your requirements.

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Shared Studio VR: Design meets engineering

Whether it is the headlights, radiator grille or instrument panel of a new car – technical perfection can only be fully experienced when the exterior looks perfect, too. A blend of elegant forms and material that both looks and feels good forges a sensual bond between customer and product. This underlines the need for perfect interplay between aesthetic and functional design at every stage of new model development.

The new Shared Studio VR from Mackevision enables digital prototypes of all vehicle modules at any conceivable development stage to be created from existing engineering data with minimal effort.

Real-time Solutions: Digital Twin at the Daimler exhibition

The automotive industry leads the way when it comes to innovative simulation technology. For many years, simulation technology has enabled leading manufacturers to successfully achieve shorter development cycles and lasting cuts in engineering costs. Despite these undisputed advances, conventional simulation solutions are by no means the last word in digitalization in the automotive industry. In fact, the full potential of Virtual Reality only becomes apparent when digital engineering and vehicle data are brought to life by Real-time applications.

At the Daimler EDM CAE Forum 2017 Mackevision used a Digital Twin engine to demonstrate the concrete effects of this latest step in the fusion of the real and virtual worlds. On show at the Forum was a virtual image that Mackevision had created via live visualization from the original design engineering data of the engine.

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