9. August 2021
Plugin to connect Unreal Engine projects to AWS infrastructure

Plugin available on GitHub to connect Unreal Engine projects to AWS infrastructure

The power of AWS cloud computing and Unreal Engine real-time rendering has been combined in Mackevision’s new render-on-demand system, offering a way to create personalized, photorealistic marketing assets in milliseconds.


Mackevision applied for an Epic MegaGrant to fund the project that would explore a system that uses Unreal Engine for rendering, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing technology.  

Instead of generating, updating, and maintaining millions of assets in a content management system, the AWS / Unreal Engine setup we have created enables you to skip the pre-render process and connect to a live render-on-demand system. 

Use cases for this render service are virtually endless. Any application, such as a web frontend, can request configurable content. Content requests are simply sent to the render-on-demand system’s API gateway.  

The technology is agnostic to clients or industries, with the potential to transform marketing content creation across fashion, consumer goods, retail, industrial equipment, and many other sectors.

Using the new method, Mackevision clients can feed their global marketing engines with high-quality assets that are cloud-based and distributed on demand in real time. 

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