Our Vision:

A world in which digital is not the opposite of real.

Our vision is to be your innovative partner for the long term. We want to join forces with you to leverage the challenges and opportunities that the digital transformation presents for your brand- and product communications. Our aim is to bring our award-winning expertise in the film and automobile sectors to bear on other industries.

As we do so, we aspire to offer you and your customers products and solutions at the very highest level and at the same time attain absolute world leadership in CGI. Drawing on the best available technologies and our exceptional portfolio, we aim to create realities in which digital is not the opposite of real. For us that means not only generating fascinating imagery but also opening up new digital marketplaces and developing new digital business models.

As an attractive employer we are aiming to recruit additional creative talents – because we fully intend to pursue our pioneering role and reinforce our position as an international innovation driver from Germany. The company we constantly outperform is the one that we are today.

Our Mission:

Delivering on your brand promise.

Our mission is to transform your customer’s product experience into a fascinating journey. We build bridges between your brand and your customer by forging “Fascinating Connections”. For us, Fascinating Connections are born at the inspirational moment when the customer bonds with your product and, best-case, decides to buy it.

We support you with technological expertise and innovative ideas, helping you digitalize your sales channels and set a breathtaking stage for your products. We create worlds where there is no distinction between digital and real. You will find this promise to you reflected in all our products and services, as well as in the high quality of our technological expertise. It shapes our corporate goal and serves as a compass in every innovation we develop.

Our portfolio is a concrete response to the needs of your customers across all touchpoints with your brand – both digital and real. We offer your customers relevant, customized, localized and emotional product experiences. We provide you and your company with holistic, integrated services. For every phase of your value chain we produce fascinating content and provide the right information and solutions at the appropriate time – with the focus always on delivering benefits and added value for your customers.

Our strength lies in knowing what your customers are looking for on their journey. We take your brand, your messages and your products and help them engage with your customer. Because your customer is our focus.

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