Client: HBO

Year: 2019


With “Watchmen”, show runner Damon Lindelof (Lost, The Leftovers, Star Trek) created a sequel, which he himself referred to as “remix”, to the award-winning graphic novel (100 best english-language novels since 1923) with the same name by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Celebrated by the critics (95% Rotten Tomatoes, metacritic 80) and with a star cast, the story was intentionally produced in its entirety in one single season by HBO. 

Show VFX Supervisor Eric Henry and Show VFX Producer Matt Robken entrusted the experience and talent of Mackevision for 6 episodes. This included digital pigs, an action scene in a supermarket, a hailstorm of alien squid, and the disintegration of villains by the iconic character “Dr. Manhattan”. 

The Mackevision VFX Department would like to thank Eric Henry, Matt Robken, Ashley Ward, Jamie Klein, as well as Damon Lindelof and the entire Watchmen VFX Team for their great cooperation. 



The Hollywood Reporter (90/199): 

Relentlessly entertaining, odd and creative… 



Time (100/100): 

A lavish, transfixing epic, a potent but rarely heavy-handed metaphor for race relations in America and a showcase for one of the greatest actors of her generation, Lindelof’s Watchmen is also a shrewd encapsulation of the perils that might await a society obsessed with superheroes. 


Collider (100/100) 

Its greatest rewards are the strength of its perspective, the depth of its humanity, and the risky creative swings it takes to create an entirely new story that also feels right at home in the world of Watchmen. 


Indiewire (100/100): 

The series’ scope is astonishing given its subject matter, and even more so given its relentless entertainment value. 


Entertainment Weekly (91/100): 

Like The Leftovers, it’s a vividly felt tale of generational sorrow, tapping deeper weirdness and structural experimentation as it goes along. Watchmen doesn’t overdose on nostalgia, like so many franchise extensions in our reboot-soaked decade. It’s dangerous, and invigorating. Like the proverbial Space Squid, it blew my mind. 

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