Virtual Production

Year: 2020


Virtual production solution 

Last year Mackevision and SinnerSchrader created a product experience for the market launch of the Audi A3 Sportback in Germany. The task was to address a younger target group for the add, and to achieve that, a video was deliberately produced as if the tour had been created with a hand-held cell phone. What was special about the project?  

The video was produced entirely in CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), and different interior and exterior features are highlighted in the video, created with Virtual Production solution based on Unreal Engine. In the virtual production studio, the real camera was used combined with a real-time environment. That meant that authentic and lively camera movements, typical for live shootings were possible. The entire team could join virtually as well, and decisions on different angles and types of shots could be made quickly. 

The particularly high efficiency reduced the production time and the generated raw material enabled a film cut similar to a live-action shooting. This form of implementation allows for a location-independent collaboration as well as a remote shooting. 

All this means that entire projects, from the agency briefing to final delivery, can be completed extremely quickly. And the entire production can take place in our studio in Hamburg, so no travel to a location is needed. Which means much lower costs of the shooting, and of course a possibility to plan a campaign and the shooting in the time of COVID-19 pandemic, when all travel was virtually impossible.


SinnerSchrader Germany GmbH: Johannes Veith & Ilker Yilmazalp 

Mackevision Media Design GmbH: 

Michael Eberwein, Felix Niehoff, Daniel Fraass, Nikolaus Kinder, Dima Lochmann, Mikko Reim, Alessandro Caragnini, Daniel Beckmann, Bernhard Schröcker and Johannes Hezer.

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