Sensual Purity – Gorden Wagener on Design
DA Sensual Purity

Client: Daimler AG

Year: 2016


The “Mercedes-Benz Future World” invites into a landscape depicting the architectural future and creating an own composition of Daimler’s world of design. The book “Sensual Purity – Gorden Wagener on Design” that takes the reader on a journey behind the scenes of the design studio, involves images from the famous British photographer Jonathan Glynn-Smith.

Mackevision was involved in this highly expressive project and photo-realistically implemented three image motifs.

In all three images Mackevision utilized photographic material to generate matte landscape paintings and accomplished the compositing process. These were finally merged with the design world renderings to create the final picture.

The development and modeling of the glass skin of the high tower from “Oasis Plaza” was based on drafts from Daimler’s design department. The many details of the individual images (cities, roads, landscape) were drafted in close cooperation.

In the end, fantastic images were created that inspire by the wealth of detail.