Picture Shooter 3.0 - Fast. Easy. Perfect.

Increasing digital channels, faster product lifecycles, product portfolios with myriad variants and options, as well as the need for market adaptations lead to an enormous demand for visual content.  

Picture Shooter 3.0 is the enhanced version of our cloud-based virtual and interactive photo studio for 3D visualizations. Leverage the potential of your 3D data models in an efficient, in-house content creation engine, built for ease of use for experts and novices alike. 

After the initial and secured data upload, simply follow these 3 steps to set up your scene before exporting it, e.g. as a layered PSD file: 

  1. Configure the product according your needs
  2. Select a background from the library or upload a new one
  3. Choose camera, perspective and light 

Depending on the particular use case requirements, Picture Shooter 3.0 generates resolutions from basic layouts to super-sharp, high-resolution images. Linked to your product logic, the tool unfolds its full potential to generate fast and easy market adaptations. Picture Shooter 3.0 speeds up your creative processes by providing an instant visual feedback via a real-time preview. 

This plug & play solution requires no additional hardware or infrastructure and gives you access to your web-based virtual studio worldwide, 24/7. 

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“I find it really useful. I use it to visualize how pack shots will work before we film. It also allows me to completely art direct images.”

Source: Picture Shooter user within the agency image production process (2019)​

Virtual image production on demand

Content creation for all sales channels and platforms, individually adapted to the desired country markets 

Picture Shooter 3.0 is the virtual photo studio for high-quality marketing materials; extremely flexible and tailored to the appropriate target group. This makes the tool particularly useful for marketing and sales units at OEMs who have a high demand for individual content adaptation and need to implement the desired market requirements quickly and easily. 

The integration of Picture Shooter 3.0 into existing image creation processes enables in-house media production for a variety of media channels. The result is a huge database with CGI images from the cloud. Depending on the desired application, different resolutions can be generated – from basic layouts to high-resolution images. 

Concept to creation in one step

Finalizing demanding projects with short deadlines and low budgets 

Picture Shooter 3.0 is “to create reality” in record time. It is the perfect tool to support the creative process in art department, design and research & development. Campaigns can be easily created, tested and optimized. And all this in just three steps: Align the virtual product – based on its CAD data – with the background, position the camera and adjust the lighting. Done! Enormous support thanks to the visual feedback of the real-time preview.  

In addition, for the selective retouching of materials, surfaces, reflections and lighting, not only fully rendered images but also the individual layers are delivered. 

Product visualization "as a service”

Optimal shareability for company-wide use 

With Picture Shooter 3.0, companies can digitize their entire product portfolio, export it automatically for various channels and make it available across departments. Through browser-based access, Picture Shooter 3.0 is available at any time – 24/7 – as “Software as a Service” and displays complex image creation processes of any size in a scalable way. Product updates in the back-end always guarantee consistent visual product presentations. Picture Shooter 3.0 thus accelerates and simplifies the entire image creation process in various departments – from development and design to marketing and sales.  

More efficient agency-client relationship

Tool for streamlining your own image production processes and accelerating collaboration 

Picture Shooter 3.0 facilitates the cooperation between marketing department and creative agency. By using the virtual collaboration platform, service providers gain fast and above all secure access to the product and all desired files in the image creation process, such as predefined backgrounds. This guarantees a uniform corporate design, high quality and consistent image content within a fraction of the time previously required.  

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