27. February 2017
Mackevision on CGI & Mixed Reality at Innovationforum

On March 9, the Innovationforum “Smart Technologies & Systems” organized by TechnologyMountains will take place in Donaueschingen with a special on the topic of Virtual & Augmented Reality. Stephan Baier will talk in his keynote about how CGI and Mixed Reality is more than just pure image creation in 3D.


For the ninth time in a row the Innovationforum “Smart Technologies & Systems” will take place on March 9 in Donaueschingen. Organized by TechnologyMountains the event will bring entrepreneurs, managers, heads of development and engineers from industry together with creative scientists from Germany and other countries. It will serve as a platform for discussions and exchange between the decision-makers.

Stephan Baier, General Manager Products & Development at Mackevision, will talk about CGI and Mixed Reality and will give insights on possibilities and synergies of CGI productions.

When and where?

March 9, 2017 | 3:00 PM | Donaueschingen