25. February 2019
Champions of tomorrow – „Der SPIEGEL“ takes stock

The renowned news magazine “Der SPIEGEL” portrayed Mackevision in 2016 as part of a series about the champions of tomorrow. Now, it examines, which of the presented companies have persevered.

From March 2016 to July 2017, the German news magazine “Der SPIEGEL” presented German companies in loose succession, which have what it takes to play a big role in tomorrow’s economy. As one of those companies, Mackevision was portrayed under the theme “champions of tomorrow” (read the past article: Der Spiegel – 10.8.2016). In issue no. 5/2019, der Spiegel now takes stock and asks the question, which of the presented companies have persevered. Thus, the focus laid on Arago, Teamviewer, Relayr, Curevac, Blue Yonder, Biontech, and Mackevision.

As the world market leader for computer-generated imagery (CGI), Mackevision is the specialist for computer-generated images and visual effects. In October 2016, Der Spiegel showed the company’s beginnings and described, how it produces photorealistic 3D cars and fantasy worlds. In the latest article within Spiegel’s series, it becomes clear, how much has changed in the past years.

“What counts in the age of digitization is speed, the ability to roll up many markets simultaneously, to capture market shares, and to manage big order volumes.”, say the Spiegel authors within the article regarding the challenges, that companies face in this day and age. Regarding this, Mackevision’s growth over the past years also gets highlighted. Der Spiegel describes the company’s acquisition through Accenture, a successful partner with global reach. “My biggest market is Accenture and their customers, which consist of almost all companies on the Fortunes list”, explains CEO Armin Pohl regarding the alliance’s strategic purpose.

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