Mackevision as employer

A passion for what we do and an energetic approach are part of our DNA. We are open, fair and respectful in the way we treat one another. We welcome originality because this makes our corporate culture even more diverse. It also provides new stimuli to the challenging work we do, so that we can create new benchmarks time and again.

With bases in Germany, the US, China, Japan and Korea our staff has plenty of international opportunities.

Mackevision employees enjoy a high degree of freedom. At the same time, we expect you to contribute actively, take on responsibility and enhance the quality of your work on your own initiative. Our managers accompany you on your journey as your coaches and mentors. They define objectives, guide, accompany and encourage you to achieve your potential.

Mackevision is Global Player and Local Hero

We can offer you an intellectually and creatively absorbing environment in terms of professional and personal development in one of the most exciting industries of the future. Furthermore, special programs are developed for certain departments or individuals. At Mackevision, career planning is tailored to your needs.

The skills, experience and personal goals of each and every member of the team are the foundations for their career path in the company. We work together with you to plan which step is the right one for you.

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