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Back in 2016 Tatjana Hammerschmidt took up the offer of a trial day at Mackevision, just to test the water. That one day has since turned into several years. Today she is Lead Product Data Manager and the Mercedes S-Class is “her” car.

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Before he graduated from university, Fabrice Klaudt didn’t even know that Mackevision existed. Now as a Business Development Manager, he works to bring new technologies and new customers into the company – and can offer an outsider’s perspective.

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Viktor Heidelbach joined Mackevision in the summer of 2018. For the 3D realtime artist it was love at first sight, so to speak – thanks not only to the many different sides to his work and the big-name clients but also to the backdrop and the very special atmosphere within what is a young team.

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Born in Peru, Diana Arellano grew up and attended college in Venezuela before going on to complete her doctorate in Spain. Today she calls Stuttgart home. She is known for her sunny personality – which makes her a good match for Mackevision, where she doesn’t just love her work, but the people too.

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In his previous job, Frederick Cholewa brought fire-breathing dragons to life. These days, as a 2D compositor with Mackevision, the content of his work not quite so terrifying. We talk about breathtaking special effects, yoga in the lunch break – and the inestimable value of job security.

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Career at Mackevision

A career with Mackevision offers people with a technical, creative and commercial background a unique chance to be an active formative part of a future that has already begun.

In a world full of images, we play a major role as one of the worldwide leading visualization experts. 

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Since 1994 we’ve been an innovative trendsetter, creating the standard in data-based visualization solutions.

About Mackevision

We offer a one-stop visualization solution of services, innovative products, customized solutions and much more.

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