28. January 2019
Jim Button wins Bavarian Film Award 2019 for best Visual Effects

On 26 January, the VFX-supervisor Frank Schlegel was awarded with the Bavarian Film Award 2019 in the category ”Visual Effects“ for the movie „Jim Button and Luke the engine driver”. Under the leadership and coordination of Schlegel, Mackevision had a significant part in the production of the effects.

For the 40th consecutive time already, the Bavarian Film Award took place in Munich on 26 January. To launch the new year for the entire German film industry, the award honors excellent work with prize money to the value of 300.000 Euro. This year’s winners include Frank Schlegel, who was awarded in the category “Visual Effects” as the VFX-Supervisor of the movie “Jim Button and Luke the engine driver”. Together with the German VFX companies Trixter, ScanlineVFX, Chimney, and RISE FX, Mackevision created breathtaking images for Michael Ende’s story under the leadership and coordination of Schlegel.

The Bavarian Film Award’s jury described the producer Christian Becker’s and the director Dennis Gansel’s decision to dare to work on this legendary story as daring and visionary. Thanks to the breathtaking images, the result is “impressively realistic and unbelievably detailed”. For Mackevision, Jim Button was project dear to their hearts. For the emperor’s fantastical city named Mandala, the artists created splendid houses with colorful flags and lanterns, the palace, and further, elaborate details. Therefore, Mackevision is very proud of the award in the category for best Visual Effects.

The Bavarian Film Award is the highest value prize for movies in Germany after the German Film Award and gets awarded annually since 1980. It honors the best work of the cinema year with prizes which are presented in January of the following year.

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