8. December 2014
Baden-Württemberg’s 2014 Honorary Film Prize for Joern Grosshans

Joern Grosshans has already won an Emmy twice. As part of the 20th Baden-Württemberg Film Festival in Stuttgart he also received the honorary film prize on December 7, 2014.


The fourth Baden-Württemberg honorary film prize is an opportunity for the Baden-Württemberg e. V. film agency to pay tribute to a talent in Stuttgart’s creative industry. They were looking for someone who has helped to boost the south-west of Germany as an excellent base for special effects in Hollywood too. As a graduate of Stuttgart’s Media University, Jörn Grosshans has already garnered his first accolade at the Baden-Württemberg Film Festival for his animated “Video 3000” film that completed his course. In 2014 he was given his second Emmy for creative arts in Los Angeles.

The VFX supervisor was born in Germersheim, Germany and received the TV Oscar, renowned the world over, for Outstanding Special Effects. He was honored for his visual, computer-animated effects in the fourth season of the cult American fantasy series “Game of Thrones”. Jörn Grosshans and his team were also presented with an Emmy for their work on the third season of the TV series in 2013. After the Oscar, the prizes are considered the number one accolades for outstanding achievements and are awarded by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

In 2011 the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles gave the Academy Award (Oscar) to the Pixomondo team for Best Visual Effects in Martin Scorsese’s 3D movie “Hugo Cabret”. While he worked at Pixomondo in Stuttgart, Jörn Grosshans was in charge of the film tricks produced there.

Now he has received the 2014 Baden-Württemberg Film Prize, Jörn Grosshans joins the other previous prize-winners. In 2011 the well-known stage and costume designer Gudrun Schretzmeier won the award, followed in 2012 by Gabriele Röthemeyer who spearheaded Baden-Württemberg’s media and film association MFG for 18 years. In 2013, the accolade went to the leading Swabian character actor Walter Schultheiss. Through their work the prize-winners have boosted the development of the south west of Germany as a base for film and media.

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