11. April 2019
Automobil Industrie – Partners of Digitization: Mackevision on Digital Twins

The current issue of the magazine “Automobil Industrie” reports about partners of digitization.  For Mackevision, everything revolves around digital twins, which are mainly used for visual content creation.

The core of Mackevision’s service offering is the ability to create ‘digital twins’ of real products such as automobiles, airplanes, consumer goods or machines for visualization purposes. However, digital twins also optimize processes in product development, create more efficient plant operation and facilitate the coordination of conflicting objectives in complex systems. This is the occasion for the “Automobil Industrie” to take a look at this topic.

The current issue of the Automobil Industrie magazine is dedicated to digitization. Mackevision shows which possibilities the “intelligent mirror” will offer in the future. For example, in the future it will be possible for designers to save time and money by using digital images of components to conduct tests with a physical prototype. Engineers and designers could also use the virtual twin to better communicate and coordinate with each other.

Timo Fürtsch, Head of Consulting at Mackevision, explains the possibilities offered by the Digital Twin, gives concrete application examples and says what OEM customers expect: “The challenge, especially in the automotive industry, is to integrate data management into the entire value chain. Only a few companies can offer process integration. We are one of them.”

In the following statement Timo Fürtsch summarizes why it is so important to participate in the entire process.

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