24. May 2019
Mackevision Boosts Brand Experience at Auto Shanghai 2019

The 18th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition has been successfully held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from 16 to 25 April 2019. Mainstream automobile OEMs at home and abroad have participated with full vigor and vitality, creating numerous highlight moments at the auto show. To deliver top-notch quality and to create the ultimate experience that forges emotional connection with the product, the entire team of Mackevision has worked against the clock and dedicated itself to its mission, boosting unique and vibrant brand experience. Let’s take a tour to Auto Shanghai together with Mackevision!

Weltmeister: Always On with Constant Interaction

A giant screen forming a full ring at high-position offers a 360° panoramic view, while touch-sensitive screens at low-position provide interactive functionality. The brand experience platform created by Mackevision exclusively for Weltmeister at Auto Shanghai is absolutely an eye-catcher. Visitors have been fascinated by its unique charm through interactive participation.While the design and technology of the ring device itself is not Mackevision-made, the content is!

The most fascinating element is the 360° touch screen! With 23,040 pixels and 6K resolution, it’s like being in the ultimate HD surround screen. The 360° immersive Realtime interactive experience is just irresistible. The screen is divided into three sections, each of which can be touched simultaneously through its own screen. Just swipe your finger to experience the DIY process as if in a smart car factory: Use the smart robotic arm to change the model, color, wheel hub, interior and other features, customizing your own “tailor-made” car!

In addition, visitors can even build a Weltmeister car from scratch by touching the screen, just like paper folding. They can experience the super lightweight design of the body structure in an interactive way; An interesting and educational video introduces Weltmeister’s battery pack and explains how it works under extreme cold of minus 30 degrees celsius.

Mackevision has created a promo video for Weltmeister. It perfectly unveils the technology pillars to realize Living Car, Living Life in three parts: Living Engine, Living Pilot and Living Motion. The scenario in the video is based on exquisite 3D multi-edged design. The car moves slowly on a conveyor belt, and huge robotic arms on the sides shift the scene settings. The main functions of the three Living Systems are vividly demonstrated with high-tech features, which fully embodies the brand-new concept of Weltmeister – Always On.

LIXIANG ONE: Artistic Touch & Technical Paradigm

Blue is the romance of the sea melting into the sky;
Blue is the gentleness of the glittering waves;
Blue is the purity of the newborn;
Blue is the ideal of pursuing your dream.


Blue sky, drifting clouds, water waves, reflection, halos… What do you associate with such image combination? Graceful images accompanied by soothing music trigger a poetic state of mind: I see flowers bloom and fade; I see clouds drift in the sky – my mind stays peaceful and quiet. This is the product video created by Mackevision for LIXIANG ONE Baby Blue limited edition nacrolacquer. As the car slowly comes into view on the giant screen, LIXIANG ONE Baby Blue limited edition has been unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2019.

The sea melts into the sky. The car body reflects the surging clouds under the glittering sunshine. The flowing lines of the body set the stage for the game of light and shadow, reflecting the rich texture and color of the Baby Blue limited edition. The sun is shining and the waves are glistening. LIXIANG ONE echoes with the radiance of the bright blue sky. Taking on unique gentle glitters, it stands out against the melting blue of the sea and the sky.


A series of Key Visuals tailor-made by Mackevision for LIXIANG ONE can be seen at the show, which demonstrate the premium content, comfortable interior and roominess of the car. Other features such as automatic driver-assistance system and intelligent voice interaction system have been vividly elaborated. These Key Visuals are also displayed on the official website of LIXIANG ONE.

CAR-Symposium China: Upgraded Communication Focusing on Experience

As a paralleled event of Auto Shanghai, the CAR-Symposium China has been held in Shanghai from 16 to 17 April 2019. The forum has a history of 19 years, initially held in Germany. Since 2015, the forum has been held in China in parallel with the Beijing/Shanghai Auto Show. The theme of this year’s forum is “E-Mobility to Revitalize China’s Economy”.

Beatrix Frisch, Regional Director APAC and General Manager China of Mackevision, has been invited to give a keynote speech titled “POS & Touchpoint – Communication in the Digital Age”. With extensive industry experience, Ms. Beatrix Frisch shared the secret of how to turn a POS into a unique brand experience. She mentioned that all brand touchpoints should be connected and seamlessly embedded into the journey of consumers, and that all content, data and services should be managed on the same global platform.


In addition to insight sharing, Mackevision has also prepared impressive contents at its joint booth with Accenture. A series of Mackevision’s works can be seen here, as well as a configurator based on real-time engine to provide interactive experience.

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