31. August 2018
animago AWARD 2018: Mackevision is nominated for “Best Visual Effects” and “Best Visualization”

Specialized in computer-generated imagery and visual effects, Mackevision’s creative team produced two stunning films that have been nominated in two categories of the animago AWARD 2018: The VFX worlds in “Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver” are nominated for “Best Visual Effects” and the short film “Best friend” for the NGO PETA for “Best Visualization”.


Mackevision combines high-end visual effects with creative storytelling to produce unique and meaningful VFX films. Production of the film Jim Button encompassed the challenge to breathe life into a fantasy kingdom, which was realized by a team of almost 20 visual effects artists over more than a year. The second project to be recognized with a nomination is a short film for the non-governmental organization PETA, which is focused on the ethical treatment of animals. The film demonstrates the extent to which technology empowers us to tell stories without restriction of creative boundaries.


Both nominated projects have been recognized by animago among 856 entries from 61 nations, covering various disciplines of digital media production including visual effects, virtual and augmented reality. The animago AWARDS take place each year and invite CGI-artists from around the world to showcase the captivating results of their technical skills, creativity and innovative ability. The event brings together everyone from tech experts to creatives and project owners, who are able to showcase their work to appreciative and critical audiences with high standards in quality and design.

When and where?
October 25 / 26, 2018
Munich, Germany


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