17. March 2017
Advanced future: Design and transform virtual vehicles

Mackevision shows how designers can observe and examine their vehicles in a virtual room. Today, the web portal Golem published an interview with Kian Saemian under the title “The new car occurs in virtual reality” – when reality collides with virtuality.


Real-time Solutions of Mackevision are realized by modern vehicle design: Designers can observe their car together by using a Head Mounted Display (HMD) even though it does not exist yet.

Kian Saemian, Senior Business Development Manager, gives information about future model meetings at his interview with “Designers don’t have to pay attention to a screen any more, instead they are right in the middle of the action.”, they transform the procedure of a physical model into the virtual world. No matter what place or time, designer can see their vehicle in a virtual environment and are able to make drawings or notes as well as an avatar testing. This significantly saves time and money, considering that no physical mockup of a vehicle is required.

The web portal Golem informs about current IT-News and videos of politics, economy, science about hardware, software, telecommunication as well as games. Mackevision releases a pulse by its latest contribution.

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