8. October 2018
A piglet named Lucky jumpstarts Mackevision’s character pipeline

Since one week, PETA has been screening the short film “Best Friend” on TV, in movie theaters and on the web – advertising veganism as well as the conscious treatment of animals. Star of the video is Lucky, a piglet that was awakened to life by Mackevision – on the computer.

Piglet Lucky is the little girl Mara’s best friend, incredibly cute, looks deceptively real – and is animated to 100% on the computer. Thus Mackevision fulfilled PETA’s policy not to involve live animals during production in any way. The result is impressive: Lucky looks adorable and evokes emotions – all while appearing completely natural. The CGI experts from Stuttgart created the piglet from skeleton to fur in a biologically correct way and ensured that the movements look and feel real. The emotions of the piglet are conveyed by its eyes and light reflexes.

Students of the Filmakademie Baden-Württenberg were in charge of the production. Veith Unger was the producer, Nathalie Lamb directed the short film.

“Best friend” represent the first element in Mackevision’s character pipeline. As well as characters, Mackevision’s VFX portfolio includes digitally created scenery (matte paintings), crowd replication and simulations of tricky phenomena such as water.

The short film “Best friend” was recognized by animago among 856 entries from 61 nations and got nominated in the category “best visualization” for one of the prestigious awards. The award ceremony takes place October 25th. For more information about the award click here.

Follow this link to watch a making-of of the short film to find out all about the case and its background story.

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