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In the automotive sector in particular, space limitations can present a real obstacle to connecting customers with exactly those aspects of your brand and products that make their heart beat faster. It doesn’t have to be that way. Virtual applications – like a true to the original vehicle configurator – not only endlessly expand the Digital Showroom, but make it more personalized as well.

Digital Showroom by Mackevision

Ferrari customers around the world are now able to put together their ideal car with a brand new configurator that delivers unprecedented quality and diversity.

Throughout configuration, dealer and customer can continue their dialogue uninterrupted, as the configuration process is operated intuitively via dealer tablet and touchscreen. The vehicle is displayed realistically in real-time on the screen.

For all configuration levels,
for all variants

All models can be configured with every equipment variation in real time at the point of sale. Configurations can be chosen out of:

different standard colors, custom colors, types of rim and brake calipers

leather and Alcantara options, standard seams, custom seams, chrome elements, prancing horse stitching on the headrests, racing stripes and seat belt colors

Change rims
Interact with moving parts
Switch between day and night
Switch colors
Customize materials

Extraordinary brand experiences
at the point of sale

  • Immersive user experience
    The multitude of interactive options gives the customer the feeling that their preferred model is right in front of them. They can open, move and adjust all moveable components of the vehicle. Headlights can be switched on and off. Thanks to different camera modes, the interior can be explored individually as well.
  • Intelligent options
    The system identifies feasibility issues. The User will be suggested alternative configurations that come closest to their wishes.
  • Personalized surprise
    Once the customer has decided on a vehicle, a digital surprise will be waiting in their inbox in the shape of a video and images of the vehicle they have just configured.
  • Efficient connections
    The application can be integrated into the company’s own systems, such as CRM.
  • Seamless customer journey
    From the comfort of their home, the customer can configure their vehicle on the brand website. This configuration then serves as the basis for a detailed consultation with the dealer.

Discovering the brand
from start to finish

Designing the surroundings was a crucial aspect for creating the digital showroom. In conformity with the Ferrari brand identity, dream cars can be discovered at significant Ferrari locations: on Enzo Ferrari’s private racetrack „Pista di Fiorano“or at the „Ferrari Atelier” in Maranello. Real environments have been transmitted digitally into the application. Have a look yourself!

Click and drag
to look around

Benefits for OEMs and dealers

  • All models can be configured with all equipment options in real time.
  • The design of the application is both dynamic and modular. In other words, everything Ferrari can offer in terms of equipment or customization can be input into the system and shown on screen.
  • This digital offering is based on Mackevision‘s single-source publishing principle (SSP) – a highly complex data preparation process which is used to create a “Digital Twin”.
  • Once the car has been configured and the purchase order signed, the dream-car data can simply be transmitted directly to the order system.

Based on the single-source publishing principle, a highly complex data preparation process, a digital twin is created: the digital reproduction of the vehicle aiming for the highest visual quality standard.

Benefits for the customer

  • A fascinating, state-of-the-art brand experience down to the finest detail.
  • Multitudes of interactive options give the customer the feeling that their preferred model is standing right in front of them.
  • A digital gift in photorealistic quality to heighten expectancy in the run-up to delivery of their chosen car.

Thanks to real-time technology the application provides maximum freedom: free choice of perspectives, different environment settings and switches between day and night modes are possible.

Ferrari Motor before

Attention to details: With pleasure and passion, Ferrari customers are able to configure their car as far as to its engine compartment.


Download the full case on our Ferrari Digital Showroom including an interview with our project managers.

Ferrari Digital Showroom
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