11. October 2016

Mackevision wins award at Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards

On October 13th the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards’ “Awards Gala Dinner” will take place where it will be announced which award Mackevision has won in the category of fairs and event films.

Cannes- Corporate Awards

Every year in Cannes – one of the world’s most significant film centers – the world’s finest corporate films, online media and TV productions get honored. With its “Porsche Mission E – Tribute to Tomorrow”-film Mackevision Media Design GmbH is among the winners this year.

On October 13th at the “Awards Gala Dinner” at Palm Beach Cannes it will be revealed, which one of the three desired awards will be handed to Mackevision; gold, silver or the white Grand Prix Dolphin. For the 7th time already a jury consisting of Oscar and Emmy winners, experts in the fields of marketing and communications as well as the media and film industry have judged all entries of the festival for corporate films in Cannes.

In the “Porsche Mission E – Tribute to Tomorrow”-film Mackevision shows a digitally created (CG) vehicle in a 360° all-around view. Through this the viewer gets to experience Porsche’s vision of pure e-mobility. The Porsche concept study “Mission E” was staged didactically and portrayed in 4K-resolution with the help of motion-graphics-elements.

Watch the “Porsche Mission E – Tribute to Tomorrow”-film here.